Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Over the years, we’ve built solid strategic relationships with many of the most respected manufacturers of specialty glass products in the world. What this means to you is what we keep saying: We can do damn near anything.

(Nobody wants to read long copy on a web site, so give us a call for more information on any of these.)

Patterned Glass – made by subjecting a ribbon of molten glass to embossed rollers that imprint a pattern into the face of finished sheet glass.

Acid Etched Glass – is glass that has been decorated after sheet forming by applying acid to the glass surface, creating a frosted effect.

Laminated Glass – made by adhering two or more lights of glass together with a film in between, for safety or decorative reasons.

Insulating Glass – two or more layers of glass sealed together to create airspace to reduce thermal loss or gain or for acoustic reasons.

Frit Fired Glass – funny name, but in many ways, it’s the wave of the future, decorated with colored powdered glass permanently fused to the surface.

Kiln Formed Glass – has been melted in a kiln so that the glass slumps into a patterned mold or 3-D form.

This is a lot, but there’s more – from sandblasting to carving to colored or patterned films that may be the perfect solution for your particular need. All you have to do is imagine.